In 1987, Targil Seasoning was born. Ashton Guilbeaux and his wife, Roberta, began to blend their own sausage seasoning recipes out of their home in Lafayette, LA. The business was named the "Targil" after their family- T (Troy, their son), A (Ashton), R (Roberta), GIL (short for Guilbeaux).

In 1988, Targil expanded its' inventory by purchasing a local butcher supply wholesale business.

As the business began to grow, delivery trucks were purchased, loaded down, and were ready to deliver spices and butcher supplies to local businesses. In the early 90's, a few customers requested custom blended seasonings for sausage and boudin recipes. The custom blending side of the business began to grow tremendously.

As the business began to grow, the Bellards purchased Targil from the Guilbeauxs on July 1, 1995. In 1996, Targil began to private label custom seasoning blends for retail purposes.

And now, as of today, we have over 3,000 private label customers, some of which are shipped globally. We can custom blend any seasoning recipe to any specific batch size of meat, for boudin or sausage for example.

We are able to package your seasoning in 8oz cans, 16oz cans, gallons, 25lb boxes, 50lb boxes, or any specific weight in a bag or box to meet your needs. Minimum order is required.